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This page has many excellent videos on the trinity doctrine covering Ellen White for the Seventh day Adventist Church and the pagan origins of the trinity doctrine from Nader Mansour of

Revelation1412 is dedicated to uplifting Christ Jesus and instilling His faith in all those who truly love Him. This faith project was started by Imad Awde and Nader Mansour and their families. Both families feel a strong need for a closer drawing together among all who are eagerly looking for the coming of Christ. Thus was born the idea of this project. Both Imad and Nader have been involved in Bible work for some years now, and have been privileged to visit a number of countries preaching the word of God. Imad and Nader find their residence Australia.

You tube Videos on the Trinity Doctrine by Nader Mansour

PLEASE NOTE: All videos produced on the truth on the Trinity from Revelation1412 are excellent. But I do not recommend or support his material that relates to sin, the nature of Christ, and the moral law.


gods Of Babylon

Who are the gods of Babylon? What does that have to do with us in the last days? This presentation deals with the origins of one of the most fatal deceptions prepared for the last days. It might very well challenge you, but you will enjoy it.

Is the Trinity Biblical?

The forgotten truth is a simple reminder of what most Christians have forgotten about. A plain, logical and revealing study using only the Bible some very important questions are addressed. This study will challenge you and encourage you to see God in a fresh perspective.

Jesus and the Trinity

This examines the relationship that Jesus and the testimony of Jesus has to the trinity. Is Jesus part of a trinity and what did He teach about this topic? What about the testimony of Jesus being the Spirit of Prophecy?

Are we ignorantly worshiping Lucifer?

This video reveals how the trinity doctrine is a salvation issue and something most would have never imagined. This presentation addresses the identity of God the Holy Spirit. Nader Mansour shares the Biblical foundation as well as other historical examples that shed light on this question. It also deals with the question of “why is it important?” What does the Bible say about new gods? Have you accepted a new god? How many are ignorantly worshipping a new god? You will not want to miss this presentation! Are you an SDA who has fallen for the trinity? You have not fallen too far, there is still hope!

The Seal and the Mark

Is the Trinity also part of the mark of the beast? Ellen White said there was more to the mark than the Sabbath and we would see this as time went on. What are the deeper issues and principles in this battle of worship? Nader Mansour explores this question in this challenging study. Warning: If you miss this you may miss out altogether!

The Mark of Antichrist

The Mark of Antichrist deals with the core doctrine of Antichrist. In this study Nader Mansour examines all the scriptural mentions of Antichrist and what we learn about this entity. Contrary to popular thought, there is more than just one Antichrist. What does Antichrist say about the Father and Son? This study looks at the answer.

The Biblical 9/11

The Biblical 9/11 examines a fearful prophecy recorded by Ezekiel. Nader Mansour examines the parallels between the September 11 attacks and the elements of this prophecy. A thought provoking and challenging study of Ezekiel 8 and 9. This one is also related to the mark of the beast and reveals who it is that gets the mark of God which is known as the seal of God. This one is crucial to understand for these end times

The Alpha & Omega

What is the Alpha of deadly heresies and where does it all climax to in the Omega? This video focuses just on the Alpha & Omega and is a very important topic to understand. It reveals that Ellen White rebuked Kellogg for teaching the trinity doctrine. A must for all SDA's who want the truth of the matter.

The Alpha & Omega of Heresy

This video is similar to the one above in the beginning in that it reveals Ellen White rebuked Kellogg for teaching the trinity doctrine. But this one also reveals that the Adventist Church is teaching pantheism today. There are segments from David Asscherick, Doug Batchelor, John Carter, Ted Wilson and Stephen Bohr doing this, though Pastor Bohr seems to be now finding the truth. Scripture says that there is only one mediator between God and man, but you will hear David Asscherick say that we have more than one. It is hard to imagine that these awesome evangelists and speakers have been deceived by a satanic and pagan doctrine. How God must grieve to see what has happened to His Church. Nader Mansour explores the link between the teachings of J.H. Kellogg and the current Trinitarian theology common today. A very alarming connection exists!

His Teaching In Our Past History

This video examines and traces the understanding of God through the wilderness Church up until the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Adam & Eve vs. The Trinity

Adam and Eve is a story that tells us much about God and His Son. It also sheds light on the issue of women's ordination. Nader Mansour revisits this story and draws lessons and insights about God. If Adam and Eve teach us anything, it is that God is not a Trinity!

Righteousness by Faith Versus the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity is incompatible with righteousness by faith. Nader Mansour explores some of the practical reasons why this is so in this study. It also shows how the Holy Spirit is the life of Christ in us.

How Many Divine Beings?

Exactly how many divine Beings are there? What does the Bible say? What does the Spirit of Prophecy say? If you are an SDA, you will want to hear this! Many today worship 3 beings. Who do you worship? In this study you will see both the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy plainly declare the eternal truth of God the Father and His only-begotten Son. You will find it both thought provoking and challenging, as you consider this most vital question of worship.

The Trinity According to Jesus

What did Jesus teach about the Trinity? Did He present God as a triune God? What can we learn when we examine the teachings of Jesus about this subject. Nader Mansour examines these questions and more in this study.

The Final Message

In The Final Message Nader Mansour examines the core issue of the three angels' messages. It is an aspect that is either ignored or misunderstood. Do *YOU* know which God we are to fear and worship?

The Trinity vs. Adventism 1

This message explores the conflict between the Trinity doctrine and the main pillars of the SDA faith. Nader Mansour examines the relation between them and whether they are compatible or not.

The Trinity vs. Adventism 2

Who Do You Worship?

A vitally important question to answer for these last days. Who we worship will determine how we worship and when we worship. It will be the deciding issue in the final battle. Nader Mansour examines the biblical foundation to answer this important question.

Begotten but Forgotten

Begotten but Forgotten is a study the examines all the Bible occurrences of the word begotten. Nader Mansour looks at the consistent meaning of the word and how it applies to Christ. The truth of Christ's sonship is often forgotten by changing the meaning of that word. Presented at the QLD camp, February 2018.

Abusing the Bible

The Bible is possibly the most abused book in history. What are some of the ways this happens today? How are false teachings promoted by twisting the Bible? Nader Mansour deals with some good and bad Bible study tools in this study.

The God of Jesus - Does Jesus have a God? How does that impact the Trinity? Is the God of Jesus different to the Trinity? Nader Mansour examines these questions and their practical relevance on our daily walk with Jesus.

Pope's Video Fulfills Prophecy

The recent video from Pope Francis has generated many comments and reactions. Yet no one seems to be commenting on the most important aspect of them all. In this video, Nader Mansour makes some observations and comments. The purpose of all this unity is worship. Who will everyone unite together to worship? May your eyes be opened.

Daniel Mesa Interview - Nader Mansour

Daniel Mesa shares his story on We Are The Evidence. Nader Mansour talks to Daniel Mesa about his journey and declaring his faith in the only true God and His only begotten Son.

Prove all things

Our first episode of Prove All Things is a solemn appeal to Elder Ted Wilson, president of the SDA church. This appeal is based on his own request and in light of the sermons and messages He shared. We invite you to join with us in this appeal by liking and sharing this video with others.

Many people think that the word Elohim is evidence of a Trinity in Genesis 1. In this episode of Prove All Things Nader Mansour explores this claim. What does Elohim really mean according to the Bible? Does it support the Trinity?

In this episode of Prove All Things we explore the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19 dealing with the command to baptize. Does this verse support the Trinity? What does it actually mean?

White Horse Media has issued A Warning About False Tests to Seventh-day Adventists. This is a response and an appeal to Elder Steve Wohlberg regarding the truth about God. The Trinity is a subject that is causing much confusion today. Listeners are encouraged to study the matter for themselves & to prove all things and hold fast that which is good.

Does Jeff Pippenger speak in harmony with inspiration on this topic? What about the Adventist pioneer view on the Godhead? Was that true or false? Find out today on Prove All Things. Nader Mansour presents a response to the position shared by Jeff Pippenger regarding Tritheism.

"The Godhead: Joels Journey - Why I Left the Anti-trinitarian Movement." In this episode of Prove All Things, I review Joel's aforementioned video and test some of his claims. Is there enough evidence to abandon the Father & Son message? What solid proofs are there for the Trinity? Can we accept the Spirit of God to be a different person to God? These questions and more are covered in this episode.

Ted Wilson Appeal 2 - SDA Church president - This is the second appeal to Elder Ted Wilson in light of his recent sermon. As president of the SDA church, his words carry a significant weight. Join with us in this appeal by liking and sharing this video with others.

Elder Ted Wilson was asked about the Trinity. His answer is most revealing and alarming. In this episode of Prove All Things Nader Mansour examines his reply in detail. It's time to prove all things!

Doug Batchelor made some comments about the only begotten Son. Does begotten mean created? Nader Mansour examines this question in this episode of Prove all Things.

Doug Batchelor isn't the only one using the love argument to prove the Trinity. Not only Adventists but Catholics also use the same reasoning. Does God need others in order to be love? Nader Mansour examines this question in this episode of Prove all Things.