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This page has many excellent videos on the trinity doctrine covering Ellen White for the Seventh day Adventist Church and the pagan origins of the trinity doctrine from Matt Dooley of Line of Truth Ministries.

Matt Dooley has been involved in ministry since 2007. He has served as a Bible worker, evangelism coordinator, health and evangelism educator and lay pastor.

Line of Truth Ministries was started by Matt and Lori Dooley in 2017 as a preaching, teaching and natural health ministry. Both Matt & Lori have a passion for sharing Jesus,  present truth, health, country living, family life and much more. They have dedicated their family to serve others in ministry.

You tube Videos on the Trinity Doctrine by Matt Dooley

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The Song of the Lamb

Many times I have had Trinitarians say do something important like preaching the 3 angels messages. But the fact is that you cannot teach the 3 angels messages with the Trinity as you will find out from this sermon.

Is Your God A Mystery?

How often do you hear Trinitarians trying to stop others from looking for truth by claiming God is a mystery? My God is not a mystery, how about yours?

The True Godhead According To The Bible

In This video we look at what the scriptures say concerning the Godhead. Who is the one God? Is Jesus Christ God? Is God a Trinity?

God is the Father and Jesus is His Son

In this video we take a look at the scriptures given to prove a trinity and ask the question, do they prove a trinity or are they speaking of the Father and His Son.

The Fallacy of "God is Love Which Means He is a Trinity" Argument

If the Father was ever alone, would he become a selfish being? No.

Original, Unborrowed, Underived- Proof of a Trinity or Proof That Christ is Self Existent?

We take a quick look at the often quoted and just as often misunderstood text in the Desire of Ages. When compared to another similar statement we find that it is not talking of Christ as a co-eternal being but that Christ is self-existent.

Is The Lord Among Us Or Not?: How Horeb Reveals The Truth of Christ & His Spirit

This is a timely sermon that addresses the current debate within Adventism about the Holy Spirit. Matt examines the statements in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy concerning the Spirit. Also the experience at horeb and the smiting of the rock and how that reveals the relationship of between Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Third Person of the Godhead?

Many point to the John 14:16 which calls the Spirit a "He" and "Another". They also point to Ellen White calling the Spirit a person or personality. How shall we consider these statements? Who is the third person of the Godhead?