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This page has many excellent videos on the trinity doctrine covering Ellen White for the Seventh day Adventist Church and the pagan origins of the trinity doctrine from Dr. Allen Davis of Pioneer Pubications.

Dr. Davis served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Weimar Institute. Prior to this, he served 3 years as the Executive Vice President of Amazing Facts. Before entering the ministry, he spent 27 years in the US Air Force, where he was a pilot, flight & academic instructor, staff officer and commander. His call into the Seventh-day Adventist message came when he was stationed in Spokane, Washington in 1994. Since that time, he has committed his life to the proclamation of the 3 angels’ messages to prepare for the second coming of Jesus.

You tube Videos on the Trinity Doctrine by Dr Allen Davis

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God the Father - by Allen Davis

Deuteronomy 6:4 says the Lord our God is one Lord. To whom does this refer?

Message #1: The Only True God (Part 1)

Part 1 of the OTG Series looks at the "one God" of the Bible in a succinct manner.

Message #2: The Only True God (Part 1a)

Supplementary information to Part 1.

Message #3: Who Is Jesus? (Part 1)

This message looks at who Jesus is, according to the Bible. To prevent any confusion, Dr. Davis makes it clear from the very beginning, Jesus is indeed God; He was NOT created. At the same, time, he shows Jesus truly IS the Son of God--He's not just playing a role. Subsequent parts will examine the concepts of begotten and whether Jesus is the LORD God Almighty.

Message #4: Who is Jesus? (Only Begotten)

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Message #5: Who Is Jesus? (Only Begotten, Part 2)

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