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This page has many excellent videos on the trinity doctrine covering Ellen White for the Seventh day Adventist Church and the pagan origins of the trinity doctrine from separate people and Churches.

The first video is a real surprise. It appears Stephen Bohr does not agree with the three in one part of the trinity doctrine. Because Pastor Bohr preached a beautiful non-Trinitarian sermon in December 2014 and was later accused of anti-Trinitarianism. As a result he had to recant where he indicated that he still saw the Holy Spirit as a separate God instead of the Spirit of the Father and Son.

I pray that this is the beginning of Stephen Bohr finding the full truth assuming he does not already have it by now.

You tube Videos on the Trinity Doctrine

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Stephen Bohr

What he teaches in this sermon is the real truth about the Father and Son relationship and exactly what non-Trinitarians believe. It is what Scripture teaches and what Ellen White teaches.

Talking Rock Chapel

These videos are from the Talking Rock Chapel and is called the THEOS series. They cover some of the origins of the trinity doctrine and how it is an antichrist teaching. Please Note: While this is an excellent series on the Trinity, I do not endorse the practise of feast keeping held by some in this Church.

The False Doctrine of the Trinity

This and the following two videos are from Sure Word Ministries. What does the Bible reveal about the nature of God? Is God a mysterious unity of three co-equal and co-eternal Persons as most Christians believe? Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Is there is a reason why there is so much confusion about the nature and identity of the Holy Spirit? Is our God the Author of confusion?

gods of Babylon

The following video will shock you and reveals how Sunday worship and the trinity doctrine both have their origins in the beginning of Babylon and sun worship. The ancient city of Babylon was the birth place of a mystery religion which has survived to the present day and is deceiving the whole world. In this presentation we examine the origins of this mystery religion and see how it survives and thrives in the form of secret symbols and false systems of worship. See how this ancient mystery religion reveals the identity of the Antichrist power that is alive and well in the world today and which is directing world events for its own purposes. Will you be deceived into receiving “the mark of the beast”? Watch this presentation and arm yourself with the truth so that you will not be deceived!

Who is the Third Person?

This video is intended primarily for Seventh-day Adventists. Who is the third person of the Godhead? The Bible is clear, the Spirit of Prophecy is clear, but many are confused or misled.

Did Adventist founder Ellen White believe in the Trinity?

This and the following video is from Smyrna Video Productions

Answers to Trinitarian Objections

A panel of ministers looks at the main verses used to support the doctrine of the Trinity and refutes them.

Restitution Ministries - Bill Pinto

Response to Cornerstone Ministries Presentation. The Godhead Part A. Please note: While his teaching is excellent on this topic, I do not endorse what he teaches on original sin.

Response to Cornerstone Ministries Presentation. The Godhead Part B

Bible Misconceptions - Who is The Other Comforter?

Jesus promised “another Comforter” would come. Who is he? Narrated by Peter Salemi. Please note: While his teaching is excellent on this topic, I do not endorse all that he teaches in other areas.

The Trinity-Does the Bible Teach It? (7 Parts)

The following series from the Restored Church of God and is narrated by David C. Pack.

Please Note: While this is an excellent series on the Trinity, I do not endorse all of the teachings from this Church or preacher. You will also note that he has gone with mainstream teaching in regards to Arius. It is most likely that Arius did not teach that Christ was created and that what we are told today is rumored and false history. Arius wrote a book called Thalia and the Catholic Church burnt all copies of this book to hide what Arius really taught. See the pagan origins of the trinity doctrine for detailed information.

Part 1: Is God a “trinity”—three persons in one? Millions of professing Christians assume this is true. But what is the true nature of God? What does the Bible reveal?

Part 2: How did the trinity come to be accepted by mainstream Christianity? Bringing the facts from history, Part 2 presents the fascinating story behind the development of the trinitarian god.

Part 3: The masses have been deceived about the true God—Who and What He is. Millions worship a mystery three-in-one god they are told cannot be understood. Here are more stunning facts about the development of the trinity.

Part 4: How did the trinity become accepted by billions? What arguments do trinitarians use? Are they biblical?

Part 5: While theologians admit the Bible does not explicitly teach the trinity, they still claim certain passages prove a triune God. What is the truth of these supposed “proof texts”?

Part 6: Now that the trinity theory has been discredited, what is the truth of God's nature? So many remain in confusion about who and what is God. Is there more than one Being in the Godhead?

Part 7: The trinity has been exposed as an invention of ancient philosophers. But who and what is God, and what is His Plan to expand His Family?